It has been a long time I didn't write in English so that I chose to post this time in English.
Yesterday (Monday) we did a performance in University of Prince Songkla in Pattani, Thailand.
Our second visit to this university this time is to be the judges for a Nasheed competition (they called Anasyid) among nasheed groups all over the three provinces which were Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala.

The situation and environment in Pattani looked more peace and calm than what has been shown in Television. business run as usual, people do their work as usual, but the organizer said that it is better for us not to go out at night, coz it'll be more dangerous at night. There were some road blocks along the way from the border to Pattani, but Alhamdulillah we passed through easily since we were on University's official Van escorted with Officers, lecturers and some students from the University.

Our arrival was welcomed with a welcoming dinner attended by Lecturers and students mostly Muslim. We were served with original Thai foods like Tomyam and Som Tam. Among the Lecturers were Us. Fajri, Asst. Prof. Sukree the Vice Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr. Osman Saree the Vice Director of Institute of SouthEast Asian Maritime Studies. There was also Mr. Lutfi who is newly converted Muslim (2 years ago). Amazingly, the reason (asbab) he converted into Muslim was when he listened to Raihan's Nasheed song; Haji Menuju Allah. He also knew and memorized some of Inteam's Songs and he requested us to sing Kebesaran Al-Quran on the mini-concert.

On the next morning, we became a judges for the nasheed competition. There were ten out of thirty groups chosen to be the finalist to compete on that morning. They were great and their spirit to develop this kind of songs were really

After the competition, we took a break by visiting the popular Mosque in Krisek, known as Masjid Krisek. It is well known not because of its fascinating design or amazing structure, but because of the history of some Muslims died inside the mosque, shot by the authority. I'm not really sure what was the reason of the attack on the mosque. We could still clearly see some defects and hole of bullet on the mosque's wall.

Performing tahiyyatul Masjid in Krisek Mosque

Masjid Krisek through a hole of bullet.

In the evening, we had a performance or mini-concert for all the Muslim students, staffs and community around Pattani in the same hall of the competition. We sang 4 songs and one selawat. The hall was full with students and staffs and two gazebos built outside the hall were also full.

IsyaAllah, we are looking forward to have another visits to Pattani in the future. The ukhwah bond created between the organizer and us will remain, insyaAllah.

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